Monday, July 11, 2005

No (big) surprises.

I already sprang the big surprise on the read receipt data -- most e-mails in this mailing didn't even get opened. Here's a chart over time of the e-mail opened, deleted without being read, and those which have still not been opened or deleted.

If you can't read it, the blue are opened e-mails, the Burgundy are e-mails deleted without being opened, and the yellow are still rotting in someone's e-mail box. You can see the launch day there on the far left. After two days most of the e-mails that were ever going to be opened were already opened.

The opened e-mails settled in at about 39 percent after eight or nine days and just stayed there. Deleted, unopened, grew a bit but there is certainly no mass exodus to clean out old e-mails. This particular e-mail was about a new on-line tool going live on June 27 -- just above the righthand corner of the legend there at the bottom.

We did a reminder e-mail the day the tool went live. I'll post that next time. Then I'm going to compare the two lists to see if the same people were e-mail openers, deleters and ignorers. I want to see if the day-of-launch e-mail reached new people or just reminded the same group that opened the first announcement.

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