Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Did I already say that I'm not an Excel expert?

I'm working through some of the read receipt stuff, which I'll post soon. However, I got some help from someone who really knows Excel (thanks, John!) and I wanted to pass on a couple of things now.

Like before, I described grabbing the little black box on the lower right hand corner of a cell and pulling it down to copy a formula. Well, turns out you can just double-click that little black box and the formula automatically copies down, as long as there are filled cells in the column to the left.

Secondly, I'm using something called a vlookup in Excel to compare two lists. Since I don't want to write an Excel Users Manual here, I'm not sure how much of that process I'll be posting. When the time comes, let me know if you need the details and we'll figure something out.

One other thing John mentioned -- Outlook allows the e-mail receiver to turn off the read receipt function from their end. How common is that, and will it mess up the data? We don't know, so that's something else we'll have to look into.

No one said this stuff was easy. It's just better than communicating in the dark.

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