Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Charles is OK

Since I think at least some visitors to this site attended the Ragan conference in Las Vegas in June, you may be interested in this. Charles Pizzo, who writes the IABC and Ragan blogs, and who interviewed the Wonkette in Vegas, lives in New Orleans.

I had never met him before the convention. The organizers of the Ragan conference barely spoke two words to me. I'm sure it didn't help that I came in on Thursday, missing the opening night dinner for presenters, but I felt like an outsider. However, Charles and I struck up a conversation and he wrote some kind words about my presentation. When I decided to start this blog I wrote him an e-mail for some advice. About five minutes later, my phone rang, Charles calling in response. I've talked to him a few more times and he's always been friendly, helpful and insightful.

When Katrina hit I sent him an e-mail -- he didn't respond. His phone is busied-out. I was worried.

Yesterday he began posting on the Ragan blog. He's in Texas. He has been writing about his hurricane experience from his perspective as a professional communicator -- you can read his posts here.

So we can quit worrying about him.

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